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Why do you model?
« Dátum: 2018. Május 14. - 08:43:03 »
I got back into modelling by accident really.
Use to model when I was 12/13, you know - build the model, slap some paint on it, then promptly destroy in battle with my
I walked passed my LMS a couple of years back and thought \'why not?\', walked in and purchased a couple of the Airfix 1/72 starter kits (the worst ones of course, 40 year old moulds!) and was hooked again from there. I like modelling mostly because it de-stresses me and it\'s good to have a hobby with an end result. I run two businesses and can be very hectic, modelling helps me chill. Usually in the man cave with a cigar and nice coffee is the perfect end to a day
What about you guys?
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