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The Future of the GT6 Course Maker

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After a year's hiatus from Gran Turismo 6 and the series in general, another spark has came to ignite my flame of interest. This past holiday, I had received a racing wheel for Christmas (a Driving Force Wireless, nonetheless, but regardless) and it has gave me a completely new experience with the game. And to my recent discovery, the community has been quite busy with modifications to the Course Maker to share amazing and unique creations that nobody would have ever thought were to come into fruition, from to-scale recreations of real-life and video-game circuits and courses, to extreme jumps, turns, banks, and just overall craziness that nobody would have ever deemed possible.

This alone has gave me a new sense of enjoyment for playing Gran Turismo 6 again; it's like I am playing the game again for the first time (which can be seen as a good or bad aspect for some) and I'm enjoying every minute spent, every mile driven, every race won & lost, and every car's personality with my new wheel.

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